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Our upcoming events:

Studioday with Regina Piil

Saturday September 30th  2023

Regina is returning!

​​Don't miss your chance to work with this amazing, inspiring model.

​Regina Piil is a Danish model with expertise in portraits, expressions and artistic nude. She is known for her wonderful red curls, freckles and sensual and emotional expressions. .

Remote shoots or live, one on one, in studio.
From: 159€ per uur.

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​Bodypaint event with Jana

Sunday October 8th  2023

​Bodypaint by Sarina Mannaert

This is going to be a great event!

Sand, gold, rags and a splash of color. What if an art creature comes to life? She breaks free from her painting and from her plinth. No longer confined to that one pose. Full of expression, she now creates her own image.  .

Remote shoots or live, one on one, in studio.
From: 169€ per uur.

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What to expect from us?

​At Amariliz Photography Events, we put the emphasis on our clients, In our well equiped studio ​we will do everything to garantee you the best results and experience. Wether its remote or live in studio shoots.

What makes Amariliz Photography Events different? 
Our Experience! We have more than 25 years of photography experience but even more important – our service is exceptional,

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